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Chris Bales Sea Life Jewelry

March 29, 2016 3:15:43 PM EDT



CHRIS BALES  SEA LIFE JEWELRY -- “She sells sea shells by the sea!”

Like the beaches that inspire and the nature that surrounds everyday life, the Chris Bales Designer Jewelry sea life collection is the perfect remembrance gift for yourself or a loved one of a very memorable vacation by the sea!  Experience the stunning one of a kind jewelry collection of whimsical mermaids, captivating sea turtles, hand carved seahorses, artful fish, and organic shells.  Every pieces is unique and lovingly handcrafted in .925 sterling silver with vibrant gemstones.

Mermaid Silver Jewelry

Many cultures across the world have adopted the folklore of the mermaid.  Chris Bales designs hand carved mermaids into wearable art jewelry accented with sterling silver bezel set gemstones in stunning ocean blues and greens.  These collectable mermaids can be found in unique pendants, artful bracelets, and vibrant necklaces.



Sea Turtle SilverJewelry

Attracting attention, the magnificent sea turtle is a Elligators Silver Jewelry collection staple.  These magnificent sea turtles adorned in stunning gemstones are the centerpieces of larimar necklaces, aquamarine bracelets, and chrysocolla pendants.  If you are lucky enough to see a sea turtle during your next holiday, the next best thing is to have you very own precious sea turtle jewelry piece to wear all year!

Seahorse Silver Jewelry

We all love seahorses!  Just like sea turtles, it is a real treat to see one in nature.  Beautiful hand carved sea horses accented with quality stones beautifully crafted in sterling silver are brought to life in designer art jewelry


Fish & Shell Silver Jewelry

Naturally inspired fish and shell bracelets, dangle earrings and pendants reflect the whimsy of nature handcrafted in sterling silver and with colorful gemstones.  The handmade fish & shell jewelry takes on a life of its own-- dancing from your ears or swimming on you wrist.  Enjoy the gifts of nature!

Experience the beauty and craftsmanship of designer one of a kind beach jewelry here!

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New Timeless Classic Equestrian Jewelry Designs

December 30, 2015 10:24:48 AM EST


When in doubt, simple classic equestrian jewelry handmade in sterling silver is always in style.  The handcrafted bit bracelets, horseshoe necklace and earrings, and stirrup bangles embrace everyday elegance.  Beautiful jewelry that you can wear and cherish everyday.


I love this classic Sterling silver Horseshoe Necklace with matching Horseshoe Earrings and Horse Shoe Pendant.  Shop more Horse Jewelry here!


Gorgeous bracelets -- Silver Stirrup Bangle, Silver Double Bit Bangle, Silver Horse Head with Bit Bangle, and Silver Horseshoe Bangle. Try wearing them together! Discover more Equestrian Bracelet Jewelry here!



Two sizes of stunning Sterling Silver Horse Bit earrings. More Horse Jewelry here!


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Why We Love One Of a Kind Sea Horse Jewelry!

November 30, 2015 10:35:09 AM EST


I’ve always been attracted to seahorses. Named for their equine appearance, seahorses swim up right and have a curved horse like neck and head. Fossils have been discovered dating back 13 million years ago. Sadly, the seahorse population is now considered endangered due to over fishing and loss of habitat. Our own Mote Marine in Sarasota, Florida, breeds seahorses and is working to restore coral reefs.



Interestingly, the male seahorse takes on the majority of the reproductive responsibilities. What a guy! After an extended courtship, the male receives the eggs and carries them to birth. Seahorse pairs stay together through the breeding season.



I love to incorporate these beautiful seahorses in my Sea Life Beach Jewelry collection. Their story is told in a design of the sea surrounded by the hues of the ocean colored stones of larimar, aquamarine, blue topaz, accented with pearls, mother of pearl or the striking colors of peach and red coral. The stones are handcrafted in .925 sterling silver to create wearable art jewelry seahorse necklaces, bracelets and pendants.

Discover our Elligators Silver Jewelry designer seahorse jewelry here!

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What Makes a Jewelry Piece Wearable Art?

October 28, 2015 2:12:55 PM EDT

One-of-kind art jewelry designed by a jewelry artist is an expression of the designer as well as the woman wearing it.  Inspired by her love of unusual shapes, colors, and textures of gemstones, Chris Bales creates a balance of beauty and design in her designer jewelry collection.  Some of her favorites stones to use in her designs are larimar, druzy, and aquamarine gemstones.

Aquamarine Bracelet

Beautiful and unusual stones are created by nature, but it is the artist who creatively transforms them in to unique necklaces, bracelets and pendants using design expertise and premium craftsmanship. 

Horse Bracelet

A beautiful wearable art jewelry piece, reflects the distinctive style of the jewelry artist.  The Chris Bales Jewelry collection for Elligators Silver Jewelry, is comprised of vibrant unusual gemstones luxuriously set with sterling silver capturing the beautify of nature and the sea.  Each piece is stamped with the Chris Bales brand logo to insure that your jewelry was individually designed by Chris.

Starfish Bracelet

Chris’ art distinctive art jewelry collection is often worn at special events, and is also perfect for every day wear. Enjoy, make a statement, and show off your personal style with a Wearable Art Jewelry creation by Chris!

Shop her newest collection here!

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How to Boost Your Retail Sales with Designer Jewelry

September 29, 2015 3:43:26 PM EDT

By adding a Designer jewelry line to your store inventory, you can increase your financial margin per square foot of your retail space. Some suggestions:

1. Carry Unique, Designer Jewelry
Invest in designer jewelry that has a consistent “look” but offers new collections to keep your customers coming in to see “what’s new?” A designer jewelry line should come with a story or biography of the designer. Designer jewelry branding is important to the customer to feel a connection with the creative process of the one of a kind jewelry. Designer jewelry brands with consistent quality increases customer confidence and keep them coming back for more. You can drive sales while building friendly relationships by keeping customers updated on the latest designer jewelry collections.


2. Display in a Jewelry Case
You can boost sales by adding a designer jewelry case near the checkout location in your store. It doesn’t take a lot of space, yet will generate sales to customers who love designer jewelry for themselves or to give as a special gift. When a customer asks to see the jewelry out of the case, the salesperson has an opportunity to interact with the customer and to present the story behind the one of a kind jewelry. A well designed jewelry display case also provides a level of security for the jewelry.

Display Case

3. Invest in Fine Designer Jewelry
Jewelry made with precious metals (sterling silver, gold, etc...) and genuine gemstones will always have a market worth as opposed to costume jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is affordable and allows designers to create art jewelry collections with gemstones in the latest trends for a brand new look. One of a kind sterling silver jewelry also goes well with gold and platinum, giving your customers an opportunity to mix and match their jewelry collection. By offering a quality designer silver jewelry line in your store, you will increase your percentage of sales per square foot of your retail space with a relatively small investment.

See what's new with the Chris Bales designs for Elligators Silver Jewelry collection here!

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How to Design Your Own Silver Charm Necklace

August 28, 2015 12:22:16 PM EDT

Here’s how easy it is to design your own personal charm necklace:
Begin your personal one-of-kind necklace with an oval sterling silver collar that closes in the back.

Silver Collar Necklace

The fun begins with collecting silver charms and Chris Bales designer gemstone pendants to create the look of your choice. Style a unique necklace for yourself or as a special gift. You can create a theme for your necklace, or several different themes; such as equestrian, beach, travel, and gemstone necklaces. You can use Elligators pendants that you already own, or build a brand new necklace by adding new charms to create a whole new look! Charm necklaces are great gift ideas, where each charm is a remembrance of a special occasion. Express yourself with a jewelry design that is your own creation.

When you promote the charm necklace in your store, your customers will love designing a special necklace that is their own unique style and will look forward to building their pendant/charm collection for years to come. They can create a wish list for gift purchases.

Here are some equestrian charm necklace ideas--

Charm Necklace

or gemstone and sea life charm necklace ideas.

Sea Life Charm Necklace
Explore and Shop Elligators Silver Jewelry unique charm/pendants here and begin designing your favorite new piece of jewelry!

Mark & Chris Bales

Chris Bales

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What Jewelry to Wear at the Horse Races and Gala

August 27, 2015 10:38:59 AM EDT

What kind of jewelry do you wear to the horse races and gala? Equestrian jewelry of course! Beginning in 1864, Saratoga Race Course is regarded as the oldest sporting venue in the USA. One of my favorite race/equestrian museums is the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. Located in Saratoga, NY, this gem is just around the corner from the historic Saratoga Race Course. Here you will find an fabulous collection of horse race paintings, sculptures, photos, artifacts, and memorabilia documenting the race history of eighteenth century to the present history of Thoroughbred racing in America. Their largest fundraiser is the yearly gala.

Polo Player MedallionEquestrian Silver Charm Necklace

Renee wearing the polo player medallion and Jaymie sporting her famous equestrian silver charm necklace at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame Gala, Saratoga, NY.

Attending both the races in Saratoga, NY and the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame Gala, my girlfriends, Jaymie Klauber and Renee Strickland wore their Chris Bales equestrian pendants to every event. Jaymie designed her own personal horse charm necklace using the sterling silver oval collar and her ever expanding collection of Elligators silver equine pendants to create her own one of a kind equestrian charm necklace. Needless to say, their necklaces were a hit with the horsey set.
Discover Elligators Silver Jewelry horse, equestrian, fox hunt, race jewelry here!

Mark & Chris Bales

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Why Buy Designer Art Jewelry?

July 27, 2015 11:15:05 AM EDT

Higher Quality Designer 
Art jewelry is produced by hand is higher quality. Artisan jewelry studios are found in homes of the artists and not some large factory setting. Taking pride in their work, the workmanship of a jewelry artist is quality crafted with care and attention. A beautifully designed piece has just the right mix of texture, semi-precious stones, color and shape.

Individual Style
Look for art jewelry that speaks to YOU! For yourself or your jewelry store, boutique or gallery--the handmade jewelry designed by a talented artist expresses your individual style. When you purchase unique jewelry designed by an artist, you are purchasing one of a kind accessories. Art jewelry never goes out of style, and you will enjoy it for years on end. Discover the magic of designer art jewelry in your store. Promoting a jewelry artist gives your customers a reason keep adding to their personal art jewelry collection.


Special One of a Kind Gifts 
Designer art jewelry makes the meaningful and thoughtful present that will be remembered and worn for years to come. The recipient will appreciate the care and attention you gave to selecting their unique wearable art gift.

Support the Art Community
When you buy beautiful designer art jewelry, you are promoting the creative handcrafted work of jewelry artists, and supporting the continued future of original wearable art. Buy the extraordinary, not the ordinary!


Fall in love with Chris Bales Designer Jewelry here!

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What is .925 Silver or “Sterling” Silver?

July 1, 2015 10:25:42 AM EDT

All our silver jewelry is stamped with “sterling” or .925. Silver is a precious gray-white metal used to make jewelry, silverware, giftware, electronics, and coins. Silver denotes a twenty-fifth anniversary. What a way to celebrate your special day with a designer gemstone silver necklace or handcrafted silver bracelet!

Sterling Silver Bracelet

Silver is a soft precious metal. In order for it to be formed into jewelry, it is mixed with another metal create a firmer metal to be shaped in to silver bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. “Sterling” silver and .925 silver is an alloy of silver meaning there is 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent other metals, usually copper. “Sterling” and 92.5 stamps and the back of your jewelry are the international symbols to insure your jewelry has 92.5 percent pure silver.

Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling silver is beautiful and versatile when handcrafted with gorgeous faceted and cabochon gemstones. Chris Bales designs exclusively with sterling silver to create a one of a kind collection of statement necklaces, gemstone bracelets, unique pendants, stone rings and designer earrings for Elligators Silver Jewelry.

Explore more sterling silver jewelry here

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Wedding Jewelry

June 10, 2015 1:10:02 PM EDT

Blue Topaz Necklace
Something blue....and bold.  It’s your big day, make it special!
When my girlfriend, Nina Desloge, was looking for wedding jewelry, she really wanted something unique and one of a kind, and blue!! She fell in love with our silver chunky blue topaz necklace accented with a pear shaped aquamarine drop. Nina wore it with a beautiful strapless white dress--absolutely stunning!
Nina owns and is chief certified instructor of Pilates Works of Sarasota, a fully equipped pilates workout studio. Here Nina coaches her students to improve posture balance, reduce stress and muscular tension, improve balance, agility and athletic performance using the pilates training method.  
Nina's Wedding
Gorgeous Sarasota Bay, Florida was the picturesque wedding venue for Art and Nina’s beautifully romantic day. Explore more designer wedding jewelry here!
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