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Top Five Best Sellers for the Summer!

June 3, 2015 2:51:05 PM EDT

All our beach jewelry is popular, but some designs just sell over and over. I wanted to share with you some cherished go every where jewelry styles ready for your cruise, vacation at the beach, or bbq that we all love!

Seahorse Pendant

Inspired by the sea, our hand painted ceramic seahorse tile pendant is hand crafted in sterling silver. The brilliant faceted blue topaz is a dreamy accent to this sea life designer pendant.

Starfish Bracelet

I love this unique mother of pearl starfish bracelet handcrafted in sterling silver. Our starfish is surrounded by white pearlescent druzies, iridescent biwa pearl and mother of pearl. A sea blue topaz is tucked under the starfish. The Chris Bales designer bracelet is complete with a sterling silver fish toggle clasp with adjustable lengths.

Sea Turtle Pendant

Beautifully carved rose cut mother of pearl forms the back of our simple polished silver sea turtle pendant. Everyone loves the sea turtles. This is the time of year these admirable sea turtles nest on many beaches in the US, swimming sometimes 1,500 miles to return to their special beach. Our one of a kind turtle pendants are show stopping. My aunt tells me she always gets compliments when she wears her treasured sea turtle pendant. 

Mermaid Pendant

The mermaid has become a signature of the Chris Bales designer jewelry line for Elligators Silver Jewelry. Our beautiful hand carved mermaid is particularly irresistible. We design a complete collection of mermaid pendants, bracelets, and necklaces. This popular mermaid is hand made in sterling silver and is crowned with a blue topaz ocean blue topaz. She happily delights many of our customers!

Sea Glass

Sea glass, sea glass, sea glass! Sea glass jewelry in all shapes, colors and designs hand crafted in sterling silver are all best sellers. We love the beautiful irregular shapes, the cobalt blue, kelly green, frosty finish from years in the sea. Nature joined forces with old glass bottles and created a very collectable glass-- perfect for artistic jewelry designs. So here it is! Some tried and true favorites for summer. You'll also find your own best sellers when you explore our new jewelry here!

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Rough Stone Designer Jewelry

May 26, 2015 9:53:18 AM EDT

I am a big fan of natural rough gemstone jewelry.  Vibrantly hued raw stones set in brushed sterling silver results in a stunning combination for wearable art jewelry. 
Rough Stone Necklace
Irresistible raw rocks of aquamarine, apatite, tanzanite, and peridot are carefully handcrafted in sterling silver to create show stopping gem studded necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The handcrafted bezels are brushed to create a stunning contrast with the beautifully irregular semi precious gemstones.

Rough Stone Bracelet

When you can have the real thing--luxury silver jewelry, why settle for anything less?  Big bold jewelry is trending for spring!

Explore the natural wonders of Elligators Silver Jewelry one-of-a-kind gemstone collection designed by Chris Bales here!
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Check us out in Sarasota Magazine!

April 27, 2015 3:38:11 PM EDT

Turtle PendantWe were recently featured in Sarasota Magazine under 8 Great Sarasota Shopping Finds.  Check out the article here, and be sure to visit our blog for the latest news and trends!



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5 Basics to Photograph Jewelry

April 22, 2015 11:09:47 AM EDT

PhotographyHere are five easy tips from our in house Elligators Silver Jewelry photographer (my husband). Since the launch of our website several years ago, He has experimented cameras, lighting, and props to create great gemstone jewelry photos of my one of a kind design jewelry collection --Chris Bales Jewelry.

1. Diffused Lighting

The use of movable lights that are diffused, i.e. housed in a tent or box that use compact fluorescent light bulbs will uniformly light the jewelry. These “tents” or “boxes” can be moved by hand to create the most camera angle options as possible. An arrangement that allows for pictures to be taken from the front or the top of the piece is best. This type of lighting can be purchased from many sources. Be sure to turn off your camera flash.

2. Use Of A Tripod And Remote Shutter Release

The use of a sturdy tripod, combined with a remote shutter release (or having a shutter release timer function), enables the camera to be completely stationary when the picture is taken. This is critical to producing good gemstone jewelry images. The slightest movement of the camera as the shutter is released will produce blurry images.

3. Photo Editing Software

A required step in producing good, usable designer jewelry images is the photo editing process. The cost of photo editing software can range from little or no cost to thousands of dollars. For our handmade silver jewelry photography purposes, We use Adobe Photoshop Elements which costs around $100. There are many other much more expensive versions of Adobe Photoshop available which are overkill for our purposes. Photoshop Elements can even be used to produce the brochure level photos needed for printed materials. The steps required for complete image background removal however, can be very time consuming and require a certain amount of acquired skill.

4. Recommended Camera Settings

Good handmade silver jewelry photography can be created with both digital point and shoot and SLR (interchangeable lenses) cameras. The camera should be able to be used in auto focus and manual focus modes. The camera should be able to manually set the aperture, or F stop settings, optimizing “depth of field” which allows for more of the image to be in focus at one time. The more expensive the camera, the more options you will have relating to focusing, aperture and exposure settings. Some cameras can be purchased with tethering software which allows the jewelry image to appear immediately on a computer screen for editing.

5. A Few Important Jewelry Photography Props

Having access to and experimenting with a few items such as a black acrylic background (as opposed to just using a white background all the time), additional lighting sources such as small led lights which can be used to provide sparkle to gemstones, jewelry prop wax used for optimum staging of small items such as gemstone earrings, one of a kind pendants, and silver rings, can make your silver jewelry photography easier and give your jewelry images a more professional look. View our latest Elligators Silver Jewelry images here!



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Pantone Spring Colors: Tangerine

March 25, 2015 12:29:43 PM EDT

TANGERINE Pantone 2015 Spring color is edgy, stands on its own, adds vitality to my art jewelry collection. This juicy orange shade works well with turquoise gemstones, aquamarine, opalescent pearls, and beautiful mother of pearl. I love the punch of this tangy tangerine color adds to my one-of-a-kind silver jewelry.
 elligators silver jewelry

This fun loving color gives a tangy zest to the calming aquamarine gemstone in this Elligators Silver Jewelry sea horse bracelet with hand painted ceramic bead, tangerine quartz point, drusy, and faceted blue topaz gemstone. 
elligators silver jewelry 

The vitality of these genuine tangerine spiny oyster shell earrings hand made in sterling silver, make them a "must" addition to your spring wardrobe.  A natural gift from the sea--beautiful pearls combined with the tangy orange shell crafted with .925 silver makes a stunning sea life earring statement.   These earrings with their clean lines are appropriate for day or evening, to the beach party or on a cruise.  Enjoy!
elligators silver jewelry 

Swimming right into spring is our hand carved fish bracelet accented with tangerine bamboo coral, abalone, amazonite cabochons, chrysocolla, peach moonstone, and faceted apatite. The sterling silver toggle clasp is a fish! Elligators Silver Jewelry offers the entire Spring designer jewelry collection created by Chris Bales.

Find new Chris Bales designs for Elligators Silver Jewelry here!




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Pantone Colors for Spring 2015: Scuba Blue

March 10, 2015 12:01:14 PM EDT

Who is pantone? Pantone is a corporation which has a patented color matching system. The Pantone Color Institute provides color trend forecasting. They help companies make educated choices for brand, product development and design applications. So the fashions and jewelry that you see this spring are very influenced by the Pantone trend forecast.

This season the soft colors make for a beautiful gemstone jewelry color palette. These are some of my favorite colors to work with. Today we are featuring Pantone Scuba Blue. I found Scuba Blue color in larimar and blue topaz. Love it!

2015 pantone swatches

elligators silver jewelryYou can’t get more tropical than larimar gemstone mined in the Dominican Republic. The Los Chupaderos mine in the western region of the Dominican Republic on the Caribbean Sea is the only known source of Larimar. The larimar gemstone's deep blue-green color is known as volcanic blue which is unique to this pectolite. . Larimar is was formed millions of years ago by the volcanic activity. In 1974 larimar was rediscovered by a Peace Corp volunteer and a Dominican Republic citizen, Miguel Mendez. Because of its rich radiant blue color, larimar is an extremely popular gemstone in our designer art jewelry collection. It reminds me of clear blue tropical seas. You don t have to travel to the Dominican Republic to buy it. You can get larimar art jewelry right here!!!! All Elligators silver jewelry is also available to wholesale silver jewelry customers.

This statement sterling silver necklace with scuba blue larimar and chunky blue topaz, is the perfect tonic to welcome the spring after a long winter!

Take a look at our new Chris Bales Jewelry collection in Pantone colors for Spring for Elligators Silver Jewelry here!




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New Pantone Colors for Spring 2015!

February 26, 2015 3:40:52 PM EST

The top 10 new Pantone Colors for Spring 2015 are here! I love the new Pantone colors --Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Lucite Green, Classic Blue, and Tangerine. Each week, we will show one of my five favorite Spring 2015 Pantone colors with our new Elligators Silver Jewelry rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces ready for the spring fashion season!

spring 2015 pantone

AQUAMARINE pantone color -- dreamy, watery, restful blue.
I love this rough aquamarine ring handcrafted in .925 sterling silver. Goes great with our vibrant faceted blue topaz pendant with ocean blue aquamarine gemstone. Beautiful one-of-a-kind designer gemstone jewelry to wear day and evening!


Take a peek at our new Chris Bales Jewelry collection in Pantone colors for Spring for Elligators Silver Jewelry here!






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What I Love About Designing Jewelry

February 18, 2015 12:03:33 PM EST

The best part of designing jewelry is hearing from my customers about how often they wear my jewelry, and all the compliments they receive. What could be better than to hear the feed back from YOU!


Click here to email me your special Chris Bales jewelry story with a photo to share!


chris bales silver jewelry


Forgot to show you a recent photo with your beautiful art work I am wearing. My husband recently purchased a necklace of Tanzanite from The Unicorn Store in Woodstock Vermont in October. Rough stone with silver surrounding each piece. It is just stunning. He purchased it for me as a gift to acknowledge a recent milestone in my life. Wow, was I surprised! I saw it at Unicorn and loved it so much that my husband called after we got home and purchased it over the phone.”

Kathy Burkwald wearing her tanzanite necklace hand crafted in sterling silver by Chris Bales for Elligators.


chris bales silver jewelry


“We had a wonderful fair and here are some pics of me wearing your jewelry for pretty much the entire Fair! 2 different necklaces and a few different bracelets! Pics are with my boyfriend and then some of the authors we had to the Fair - Top Chef Fabio Viviani, NPR's Tavis Smiley, Bravo's Andy Cohen, filmmaker Billy Corben, editor Rod Smith, and comedian John Cleese! I got sooooo many compliments on your pieces! Thank you! Excited to wear the necklace for the holidays! 
Thank you!

Kira Willig wearing Chris Bales Designer Jewelry at the Miami Book Fair November 2014.


chris bales silver jewelry



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Elligators Silver Jewelry

January 29, 2015 1:50:30 PM EST

Larimar and Faceted Blue Topaz Necklace handcrafted in sterling silver.How did Elligators Silver Jewelry originate? While traveling in Mexico in 1993 with my husband, Mark, we discovered a beautiful colonial historic town in the mountains named Taxco. Back then the roads were very bad, and it was quite a harrowing trip on a rickety bus to Taxco; however, it was well worth the trip. There our new life adventure began.


Taxco is the home to some of the finest silversmiths in the world, who learned their skill from past generations. In the 1920‘s the silver industry in Taxco was revived by an American adventurer and world-renowned silver artisan, William Spratling. I was excited by the exceptional jewelry we found handcrafted by the Taxco master silversmiths. We decided to create a business importing and selling sterling silver jewelry -- Elligators Silver Jewelry.


Ruby pendant with faceted amethyst and drusy handmade in sterling silver


To grow our new company, Elligators Silver Jewelry, we also traveled to exotic Bali, India, Hong Kong, and Thailand in search of the silver jewelry treasures and beautiful gemstones for our clients. We discovered a demand for one-of-a-kind jewelry to sell to our boutique, gallery, and jewelry store customers, Having studied fine arts, jewelry fabrication and gemstones, I began designing for Elligators Silver Jewelry a unique art jewelry line using exquisite gemstones, fossils, pearls, shells, and vintage pieces handcrafted in sterling silver. Our handmade art jewelry designs, Chris Bales Jewelry, is now the focus of our sterling silver business. I love creating chic and fresh new designs and working with a small team of master artisans to create timeless silver jewelry that you will always treasure.





Druzy, amethyst, and purple goldstone bracelet bezel set in sterling silver.Today, our Chris Bales one-of-kind jewelry is appreciated, worn, and collected by clients from all over the USA, the Caribbean, and Europe.


Experience handmade designer jewelry by Elligators Silver Jewelry here!






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Sea Glass BraceletI am always on the lookout for that perfect piece of sea glass to create unique silver jewelry. It has to be somewhat flat (which is hard to find since sea glass was once a bottle that was tossed in the sea), have great color and frosty detail.

What is sea glass and where does it come from?
Smooth, frosty sea glass is created by the tumbling action from the waves in the ocean, bays and rivers. Discarded medicine bottles, ink bottles, soda bottles, whiskey bottles, and glass from ship wrecks are the original source of the colorful collectible sea glass pieces that I use to create a beach jewelry collection for Chris Bales Jewelry at Elligators. Authentic sea and beach glass is becoming scarce and is becoming very collectible, as it is harder and harder to find!
Sea Glass Set
The vibrations of the sea glass colors come alive in our polished, hand made sterling silver bezels. Our sea glass jewelry captures the magic of the beach, with the scattering of colorful beach glass nuggets and beautifully mixed organic textures. Hand crafted sea glass silver jewelry is a big favorite in our beach jewelry collection.

Cobalt blue and kelly green sea glass is expertly hand set in polished sterling silver. All Elligators Silver Jewelry sea glass rings are adjustable. Inspired and from the sea, our sea glass jewelry is the perfect accessory for a cruise, island vacation or just a reminder of your days at the beach!

Pick up your sea glass jewelry here at www.elligators.com!

Sea Glass Necklace





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