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Silver Pendant with Turquoise &Red Rock Canyon Jasper Bear

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Sterling Silver Hand Crafted Bear Pendant, Southwest Design Jewelry with  Turquoise and Hand Carved Red Rock Canyon Jasper Bear.  One of a Kind Southwest Jewelry By Elligators Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry.

 Two Inches Long.

SKU: P0386

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Our beautiful Southwest designer pendant is hand made in 925 Sterling Silver with a handcarved Red Rock Canyon Jasper stone and blue turquoise.

Ancient folklore tells us that not only does turquoise jewelry possess the power to spice up any outfit, but it is also said to possess healing and protective powers. For centuries people from various cultures around the world have believed that turquoise has the ability to attract luck, love, and money. As a matter of fact, 13th century Persian traders frequently wore turquoise jewelry in an attempt to harness the protective powers of the gemstone. Now whether you choose to believe the folklore or not, you can't deny that there's something uniquely special about wearing a 'piece of the sky'.

Turquoise jewelry has the ability to add whimsy to a casual outfit, and when paired with other gemstones, it adds a hint of earthy elegance to formal wear. So it comes as no surprise that in recent years the understated gem has found its way back onto the fashion industry's radar. However, no matter what the current fashion trends may be, if you pull it off right, turquoise jewelry is always chic. Turquoise necklaces have even been discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 3500 B.C. Thousands of years of fashion prominence can't be wrong - turquoise jewelry truly is timeless. Available at wholesale prices to approved wholesale customers and resellers.