elligators jewelry displayA New York packaging executive for a well-known cosmetic company once told me that they put a dollar lipstick in a three dollar case. Display and packing is important!

1. Tell a Story. Does your jewelry display tell a unique story? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your jewelry retail space. Merchandising is key to the success of a retail jewelry store. Create areas of interest with exciting merchandising to attract more shopper attention.

2. Jewelry Case Lighting. New lighting inside and outside the jewelry case can improve your business. Change up your displays often to create new jewelry sales opportunities.

3. Creative Color & Design. If you are bored with how your case looks, well so are your customers. Take the time to consider color, design, and style in your jewelry display case to attract more shopper attention. By creating a simple elegant, uncluttered jewelry display case to show off your handmade jewelry, you will enhance impromptu purchases. Remember, you can boost your sales by creating areas of interest with eye appeal.

4. New Jewelry Display Forms. I found these inexpensive linen jewelry displays that are fantastic to display my gemstone necklaces, silver bracelets, one-of-a-kind pendants, dangle earrings and stone rings. You can find great linen jewelry displays here.

You can find beautiful designer jewelry for your displays here!