PhotographyHere are five easy tips from our in house Elligators Silver Jewelry photographer (my husband). Since the launch of our website several years ago, He has experimented cameras, lighting, and props to create great gemstone jewelry photos of my one of a kind design jewelry collection --Chris Bales Jewelry.

1. Diffused Lighting

The use of movable lights that are diffused, i.e. housed in a tent or box that use compact fluorescent light bulbs will uniformly light the jewelry. These “tents” or “boxes” can be moved by hand to create the most camera angle options as possible. An arrangement that allows for pictures to be taken from the front or the top of the piece is best. This type of lighting can be purchased from many sources. Be sure to turn off your camera flash.

2. Use Of A Tripod And Remote Shutter Release

The use of a sturdy tripod, combined with a remote shutter release (or having a shutter release timer function), enables the camera to be completely stationary when the picture is taken. This is critical to producing good gemstone jewelry images. The slightest movement of the camera as the shutter is released will produce blurry images.

3. Photo Editing Software

A required step in producing good, usable designer jewelry images is the photo editing process. The cost of photo editing software can range from little or no cost to thousands of dollars. For our handmade silver jewelry photography purposes, We use Adobe Photoshop Elements which costs around $100. There are many other much more expensive versions of Adobe Photoshop available which are overkill for our purposes. Photoshop Elements can even be used to produce the brochure level photos needed for printed materials. The steps required for complete image background removal however, can be very time consuming and require a certain amount of acquired skill.

4. Recommended Camera Settings

Good handmade silver jewelry photography can be created with both digital point and shoot and SLR (interchangeable lenses) cameras. The camera should be able to be used in auto focus and manual focus modes. The camera should be able to manually set the aperture, or F stop settings, optimizing “depth of field” which allows for more of the image to be in focus at one time. The more expensive the camera, the more options you will have relating to focusing, aperture and exposure settings. Some cameras can be purchased with tethering software which allows the jewelry image to appear immediately on a computer screen for editing.

5. A Few Important Jewelry Photography Props

Having access to and experimenting with a few items such as a black acrylic background (as opposed to just using a white background all the time), additional lighting sources such as small led lights which can be used to provide sparkle to gemstones, jewelry prop wax used for optimum staging of small items such as gemstone earrings, one of a kind pendants, and silver rings, can make your silver jewelry photography easier and give your jewelry images a more professional look. View our latest Elligators Silver Jewelry images here!