Pure silver is a soft metal usually mixed with other metals to strengthen the silver to be handcrafted into sterling silver jewelry. Metal mixes are know as alloys. When silver is mixed, it is known as sterling silver, 925 silver, meaning the jewelry silver content is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5 percent of other metals. It is the other metals, usually copper or nickel, that tarnish in the sterling silver jewelry, not the silver.
Chris Bales designer gemstone bracelet handcrafted in sterling silver with larimar, aquamarine, faceted blue topaz and freshwater pearl. 

At Elligators Silver Jewelry, I have starting using a non-tarnishing alloy mixed with 92.5% silver in my Chris Bales sterling silver jewelry designs to slow down the tarnishing process. Caring for silver jewelry and reducing tarnish is simple. Keeping your sterling silver jewelry in tarnish prevention bags or cloths, or even a ziplock plastic bags is excellent for storage. This will also prevent the individual pieces of jewelry from scratching each other. Place a piece of chalk in the storage area to minimize tarnish and keep in a humidity free environment.

This luxurious biwa adjustable pearl ring is set in 925 sterling silver with titanium drusy and faceted blue topaz.

My favorite way to clean silver jewelry is to use special jewelry polishing cloths along with Wrights Anti-Tarnish Silver Polish. Use a back-and-forth motions that mirror the grain of the silver. Do not rub in circles. Then rinse with running water and remove all polish residue. Use a micro fiber cloth to dry you jewelry. You can find this Wrights cream silver jewelry polish and silver jewelry polishing cloths available in most grocery stores.
Make a statement with this stunning Calypso BlueTitanium druzy necklace handmade in 925 sterling silver apatite, tanzanite, American turquoise.   Check out the matching one-of-a-kind titanium drusy bracelet with beautiful denim blue kyanite, faceted apatite and blue topaz and quartz point designed by Chris Bales for Elligators silver jewelry.

Please avoid jewelry dips. They are too harsh, and can damage any stones or pearls set in your one-of-kind silver jewelry. Chemical dips could actually harm your handmade silver jewelry and cause it to have to be cleaned more frequently. Please don’t use household concoctions to clean 925 sterling silver, as they will eventually harm the finish of your beautiful silver bracelet, silver necklace or silver pendant. Avoid exposure to outside chemicals, like lotions, cosmetics, hair spray, perfumes. Oh, and please don’t wear your favorite Chris Bales silver jewelry while swimming or bathing!

You can keep your gemstone sterling silver jewelry free of tarnish with these easy sterling silver jewelry tips and ensure that your jewelry will retain its beauty for years to come!