“I'm always happy when I'm surrounded by water, I think I'm a Mermaid or I was a mermaid." -Beyonce Knowles

Photo 1 mermaid necklace with cobalt blue and green sea glass, pearls, and blue topaz

If you love the beach and ocean, you probably love mermaids and their ancient story. The worldwide seafaring lore of mermaids trace to 1,000 BC. These mysterious creatures were fish like woman who swim through ocean and seas and often depicted singing. Capturing the imagination of humans, sightings of manatees or sea cows that live in rivers and intercoastal waters can be associated to mermaid fantasy. These rare animals, known to sailers as mer-maids, meaning woman of the sea, communicate between mother and their calves with a singing sound.

Florida manatee

You can celebrate the water spirit of mermaids with piece of jewelry from our art mermaid jewelry collection. I love these hand carved bone mermaids inspired by treasured antique Japanese netsukes. They make the perfect center piece for our sterling silver necklace, bracelet or pendant beach jewelry collection.

Mermaid bracelet with mother of pearl, prehenite, bone, quartz, peridot, freshwater pearl

I look for interesting colorful stones, pearls, sea glass and shells to accent our beautiful mermaid. The silver fish toggle clasp swimmingly secures our one-of-a-kind ocean inspired necklace and bracelet accessories. Appropriate for day or evening, all our luxury designer silver jewelry is hand crafted in sterling silver bezels.

Mermaid pendant -- scrimshaw bone, sunstone, and faced chrome diopside

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