earthenware statues of the Tang dynasty 618-907I once read “Polo is a way of life” and “How to make a small fortune in polo? Start with a big one”. Both statements are so true. I became hooked on polo over 10 years ago and am still an addicted to the sport, horses, style, and people. Playing polo is like playing hockey on a horse. You may be surprised how many woman play polo. What I found even more surprising was how many years woman have been actually playing polo! During our recent visit to the Honolulu Museum of Art (fabulous museum by the way), we discovered these incredible earthenware statues of three lady polo players with their groom from China, dating all the way back to the Tang dynasty (618-907). Can you believe it? These ceramics depict a women's polo team from about 1,397 years ago! The saddle in the rear of the glass case in this photo is made of wood, lacquer, and inlayed mother of pearl from the Ming dynasty (1572-1620). Looks uncomfortable to me, but incredibly stylish!

Sterling silver Polo Grill logo horse pendantPolo is one of the few sports that men and woman compete together on the same field. I had the pleasure of meeting so many interesting woman polo players--many whom are now become close friends. We all share that common bond of love of horses and the thrill of polo competition. My girl friend, Jaymie Klauber, started an outstanding restaurant in Lakewood Ranch, FL, Polo Grill, with her husband, Tommy. Polo Grill is the place to meet at the bar after a game, enjoy a delicious gourmet dinner cooked by Chef Tommy, and burn up the dance floor.

Jaymie, a polo player of many talents and great style, created a horse charm necklace to displayDouble sterling  silver polo mallet pendant with freshwater pearl her own collection of Chris Bales silver polo pendants and silver equestrian pendants. 
She wears all the horse charms together on an oval silver collar that closes in the back. I love this idea--so fun to create and design your own personal style necklace using horse charms that are dear to you! Super cool! I am also introducing a new collection silver pendants, earrings and bracelets using the classy Polo Grill logo.


Sterling Silver polo mallet cuffThe action-packed sport of polo is my inspiration to design silver equestrian jewelry to wear both on and off the field. Our carefully crafted silver polo jewelry line is a key wholesale equestrian jewelry source for Womens Polo Tournament awards. Create, design, mix and match your own personal one-of-a-kind equestrian charm necklace or sport a beautiful sleek polo cuff. Experience the romance of the sport of kings with show stopping sterling silver polo and horse jewelry. Kick off your polo season here.Sterling Silver oval collar that closes in the back.Sterling Silver Double polo mallet cuff