All over the world, aquamarine jewelry has been enjoyed by royalty and celebrities. The timeless blue green color of aquamarine flatters every complexion. The durable nature of this hard gemstone radiating with blue- to- green exquisite color makes it a favorite in every woman’s jewelry box.


Aquamarine is named in Latin meaning “sea” “water” for its breathtaking blues and greens. Folklore says that the aquamarine gemstone kept sailors safe and prevented seasickness. This March birthstone is rumored to enhance happiness of marriages which comes as no surprise as this beautiful blue stone appeals to fashionistas every where!

Mined in Brazil, Africa, Thailand, and the high mountains of Pakistan, aquamarine is one of the many exclusive stones that designer Chris Bales includes in her signature handcrafted jewelry collection. Loving the natural textures of this incredible gemstone in its rough organic state, the designer created a one of a kind jewelry collection celebrating this breathtaking stone handcrafted in sterling silver.

Your aquamarine Elligators Silver Jewelry should be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. Enjoy the beauty of this prized aquamarine gemstone in our handmade designer jewelry collection here!