Art jewelry is a source of inspiration that may start with a special stone, an unusual carving, or a treasured piece of sea glass in a beautifully handcrafted metal setting. The jewelry artist creatively transforms beautiful and unique gemstones into wearable art that tells a story. Depending on how you connect to the colors, stones, material, or design — art jewelry can become your personal story!

 Studio-made art jewelry is designed to be worn and often connects with people in a very special way. A sea glass mermaid necklace may cause you to remember favorite cherished family beach vacations or a equestrian designed bracelet will remind you of a favorite horse. Large hoop earrings remind me of the 70’s when I worked in the garment district in New York City. Art jewelry is an expression of life stories told by gorgeous colorful gemstones and creative settings.

Handmade silver art jewelry affords the wearer the opportunity for self- expression. When you wear designer one-of-a-kind jewelry you are connect with your own personal story which cannot be found in mass produced factory made jewelry. Wearable art can be an chunky stone bracelet set with various stones with different textures, colors, and shapes or a dramatic necklace with hand carvings of sea-life accented with shells.

Express yourself and indulge in that very special designer gemstone bracelet, one-of-kind necklace or hippie dangle earrings!!!


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