Here’s how easy it is to design your own personal charm necklace:
Begin your personal one-of-kind necklace with an oval sterling silver collar that closes in the back.

Silver Collar Necklace

The fun begins with collecting silver charms and Chris Bales designer gemstone pendants to create the look of your choice. Style a unique necklace for yourself or as a special gift. You can create a theme for your necklace, or several different themes; such as equestrian, beach, travel, and gemstone necklaces. You can use Elligators pendants that you already own, or build a brand new necklace by adding new charms to create a whole new look! Charm necklaces are great gift ideas, where each charm is a remembrance of a special occasion. Express yourself with a jewelry design that is your own creation.

When you promote the charm necklace in your store, your customers will love designing a special necklace that is their own unique style and will look forward to building their pendant/charm collection for years to come. They can create a wish list for gift purchases.

Here are some equestrian charm necklace ideas--

Charm Necklace

or gemstone and sea life charm necklace ideas.

Sea Life Charm Necklace
Explore and Shop Elligators Silver Jewelry unique charm/pendants here and begin designing your favorite new piece of jewelry!

Mark & Chris Bales

Chris Bales