larimar braceletDeep in the thick rainforest region of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Islands surrounded by mountains, the Los Chupaderos larimar mine is is the only known source for this exquisite blue green stone. Larimar was very likely to have been discovered thousands of years ago, but is was officially recognized by the Smithsonian in 1974. The stone was named Larimar by a local artist after his daughter LAR and MAR the Spanish word for sea.

Because larimar is only found in one square kilometer of the world, it is very rare. No two larimar stones are alike. To bring out its natural luster, this precious larimar stone is carefully cut and polished, and designed in original sterling silver and gold jewelry settings. This luxury designer larimar jewelry is sold all over the world.

larimar necklace
Larimar jewelry is easy to care for. You can buff your larimar stone with a jewelry polishing cloth. Be careful not to expose your larimar jewelry to bleach, perfume, chemicals, or detergents which can discolor the stone.

I love the unique ocean inspired colors of blue and green of the larimar stone. Larimar jewelry is a stunning addition to your designer jewelry collection. This beautiful rare stone is captivating when set with iridescent pearls, faceted apatite, and London blue topaz in handcrafted sterling silver bezel. Discover my Chris Bales collection of natural larimar jewelry here.