Who is pantone? Pantone is a corporation which has a patented color matching system. The Pantone Color Institute provides color trend forecasting. They help companies make educated choices for brand, product development and design applications. So the fashions and jewelry that you see this spring are very influenced by the Pantone trend forecast.

This season the soft colors make for a beautiful gemstone jewelry color palette. These are some of my favorite colors to work with. Today we are featuring Pantone Scuba Blue. I found Scuba Blue color in larimar and blue topaz. Love it!

2015 pantone swatches

elligators silver jewelryYou can’t get more tropical than larimar gemstone mined in the Dominican Republic. The Los Chupaderos mine in the western region of the Dominican Republic on the Caribbean Sea is the only known source of Larimar. The larimar gemstone's deep blue-green color is known as volcanic blue which is unique to this pectolite. . Larimar is was formed millions of years ago by the volcanic activity. In 1974 larimar was rediscovered by a Peace Corp volunteer and a Dominican Republic citizen, Miguel Mendez. Because of its rich radiant blue color, larimar is an extremely popular gemstone in our designer art jewelry collection. It reminds me of clear blue tropical seas. You don t have to travel to the Dominican Republic to buy it. You can get larimar art jewelry right here!!!! All Elligators silver jewelry is also available to wholesale silver jewelry customers.

This statement sterling silver necklace with scuba blue larimar and chunky blue topaz, is the perfect tonic to welcome the spring after a long winter!

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