sea turtle

Green sea turtle, North Shore, Hawaii

I love designing beautiful sea turtle jewelry out of sterling silver and natural gemstones for Elligators Silver Jewelry. A beautifully faceted pear shaped mother of pearl makes a treasured center piece for a hand crafted sea turtle pendant, or a ocean green/blue amazonite cabochon becomes the turtles back accented with polished silver head and flippers.

Here on the Gulf coast of Florida sea turtle nests are now hatching, Over 2462 nests, a 31 year record for the beaches from Longboat key through Venice. Sea turtles are earths’s most ancient creatures--since the time of dinosaurs over 110 million years ago. The seven existing sea turtle species migrate hundreds of miles between nesting and feeding grounds. Female sea turtles dig a nest with their rear flippers in the sand to bury their clutch of eggs, then return to the sea. After hatching, the young may take as much as a week to dig themselves out of their nest and crawl to the ocean. The average lifespan of a sea turtle is 80 years, yet few survive to adulthood.

Sarasota, Florida hosts the largest number of loggerhead sea turtle nests on the Gulf coast. The Mote Marine program enlists over 300 volunteers to monitor the nests and collect research data. Public support of this program is crucial to help the endangered sea turtles make a comeback. To make a
donation, click here.

All my encounters with sea turtles have been breathtaking moments. One evening I watched a huge loggerhead turtle crawl from the gulf, and lay her eggs on the beach. I also witnessed baby loggerheads leaving their nest to scramble to the water before predators could pick them off. Most exciting was swimming with the not so shy green turtles in Hawaii. These sea turtle moments inspired me to design sea turtle jewelry to honor these stunning ancient creatures. I hope you too will treasure our one-of-a-kind sea turtle silver bracelets, pendants, and necklaces--art jewelry that tells a story of the ancient seas.

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Turtle Pendant 
Carved bone sea turtle pendant
with sea glass and faceted blue
topaz handcrafted in sterling
silver designed by Chris Bales

Turtle Pendant

Sterling silver sea turtle pendant
with ocean blue amazonite
cabochon design by Chris Bales
for Elligators Silver Jewelry