One-of-kind art jewelry designed by a jewelry artist is an expression of the designer as well as the woman wearing it.  Inspired by her love of unusual shapes, colors, and textures of gemstones, Chris Bales creates a balance of beauty and design in her designer jewelry collection.  Some of her favorites stones to use in her designs are larimar, druzy, and aquamarine gemstones.

Aquamarine Bracelet

Beautiful and unusual stones are created by nature, but it is the artist who creatively transforms them in to unique necklaces, bracelets and pendants using design expertise and premium craftsmanship. 

Horse Bracelet

A beautiful wearable art jewelry piece, reflects the distinctive style of the jewelry artist.  The Chris Bales Jewelry collection for Elligators Silver Jewelry, is comprised of vibrant unusual gemstones luxuriously set with sterling silver capturing the beautify of nature and the sea.  Each piece is stamped with the Chris Bales brand logo to insure that your jewelry was individually designed by Chris.

Starfish Bracelet

Chris’ art distinctive art jewelry collection is often worn at special events, and is also perfect for every day wear. Enjoy, make a statement, and show off your personal style with a Wearable Art Jewelry creation by Chris!

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