Higher Quality Designer 
Art jewelry is produced by hand is higher quality. Artisan jewelry studios are found in homes of the artists and not some large factory setting. Taking pride in their work, the workmanship of a jewelry artist is quality crafted with care and attention. A beautifully designed piece has just the right mix of texture, semi-precious stones, color and shape.

Individual Style
Look for art jewelry that speaks to YOU! For yourself or your jewelry store, boutique or gallery--the handmade jewelry designed by a talented artist expresses your individual style. When you purchase unique jewelry designed by an artist, you are purchasing one of a kind accessories. Art jewelry never goes out of style, and you will enjoy it for years on end. Discover the magic of designer art jewelry in your store. Promoting a jewelry artist gives your customers a reason keep adding to their personal art jewelry collection.


Special One of a Kind Gifts 
Designer art jewelry makes the meaningful and thoughtful present that will be remembered and worn for years to come. The recipient will appreciate the care and attention you gave to selecting their unique wearable art gift.

Support the Art Community
When you buy beautiful designer art jewelry, you are promoting the creative handcrafted work of jewelry artists, and supporting the continued future of original wearable art. Buy the extraordinary, not the ordinary!


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